Black Shoulder Massage Brace



Black Shoulder Massage Brace

100% Brand New
Material: Tourmaline, Warm Cloth
Color: Black
Type Options: S, M, L, XL
Cleaning Method: Prohibit soaking, water wipe

Package Included:
1 x Shoulder Heating Belt or 1 x Spontaneous Heating Magnetic Therapy Neck Protection or 1 Pair of Magnetic Therapy Knee Pads

1. Can release free electrons and negative ions at 32, positive and negative ions generated when the interaction generated by the reaction of germanium containing acupuncture tablets moxibustion effect of the human body, through the cortical infiltration, ease soreness.
2. Use of the body's own energy and moisture, can release heat energy continuously, use of 10 minutes hyperthermia effect is obvious. Improve human microcirculation, speed up the metabolism, and rapidly eliminate fatigue.
3. With excellent absorption and emission function, the product without any energy (battery, power supply), the effective energy storage time is 5000 hours or more.
4. To stimulate acupuncture points, dredge the meridians, promote the body's metabolism, and regulate the nervous system.
5. Activation of endocrine, analgesic dispelling cold, dilation of blood vessels, relieve the local fatigue and pain of body.
6. Burning body excess fat can reach a certain weight loss purpose.
7.Personal wear 15 minutes, you can play the hot moxibustion effect
8.Protect the cervical, shoulder, and vertebra inflammation, neck pain, tingling, and other symptoms of cold

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